Working in medical education, we understand the clinical need and the science behind our education. However, connecting that science to the human story can often be a challenge. George really helped our faculty get out of the usual dry science mode and help them showcase the passion and dedication they bring to their work. It helped us create a project that wasn't just a scientifically accurate education, but also an emotional story that kept the viewers engaged. It's a rare talent to be able to marry two works and make something that really reaches audiences.

Sapana Panday, MPH, CCMEP
Director, Educational Development
The France Foundation.


I am an executive producer currently over seeing four series for National Geographic, Discovery channel and the History channel. I have worked with George D’Amato over the years on a number of productions. George always brings unparalleled passion and creativity to every project he works on.

I count on George to bring a considered creative approach to the shows he shoots, and that he can deliver the kind of first rate cinematic drama broadcasters around the world expect.

Alex Bystram
Executive Producer


I’ve worked with George many times over the last decade and am constantly impressed by his wonderfully creative eye, his ability to accomplish the work under often brutal time constraints, and his flexibility under pressure.

George has always been able to capture both the scale of a story, and the smaller, more haunting personal impact of the events.

He always has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish (and how to accomplish it). And – at least as important – the ability to adjust that vision to serve the story.

Larry Bambrick


George has a gift for taking an ordinary scene and making it look breathtaking. His artistry can transform a simple marketing message into a beautiful story that resonates with people. Once our finished spots started airing, the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, that our initial set of three 30-second spots turned into a series of about 12 spots over the next couple of years.

Suzie Bird
Creative Director
CJW Medical center